Fictional Corrections Policy


In the case of an error that stands as a correction with a source, misinterpretation, or wrongful wordplay, our managing editorial team shall review all corrections before publications.

If an error is found, the following procedure is to be undergone:

  • The issue will be brought up to the¬†editorial staff here at CAMP PUBLISHERS.
  • After looking over the issue, the error will then be brought to the original publisher of the article
  • The issue will then be posted on the “corrections” tab on the website, and addressed the following day in the “corrections” box on Pg. 4 of the newspaper

The source of error will be determined at the end of the solution as wither an editing error that was bypassed in the process of editing such as a typographical error, or because of a weak or outdated source.

Exceptions for errors include:

  • A Head Editor being able to make correction directly in online copy

Our publication DOES NOT allow the use of scrubbing. We stand by the pieces that we publish and are confident in the true and ethical journalism that goes forth behind it.

Our ombudsman will be the frontman of all presentations of corrections for the publication. Under him/her will be the power to determine what will be a correction and what won’t be.