Video Project: Why do we listen to music?

Alright, so for my final project, I wanted to get into as to why people listen to music. It’s a very simple question, yes, but there isn’t a simple answer. The main focus was to try and to get into the scientific-aspect of why people listen to music.

So, as stated, there are five main reasons as to why people listen to music. These are curtesy of Counsel&Heal.

1. Eases pain

According to a study from the Frontiers in Psychology journal, researchers found that patients with fibromyalgia who listened to music that they liked experienced less pain and had increased motor ability than when they listened to pink noise, also know as flicker noise. The music was played at a slower rate of less than 120 beats per minute.

2. Helps with focus

If you need to focus, try listening to music specific to the late baroque period. Researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine discovered that music led to brain changes that boosted attention and memory. The study was published in 2007.

3. Increases exercise performance

Many fitness experts have recommended people to create a playlist that can energize the body. In several studies, researchers have concluded that fast, upbeat music can push people to workout harder and make the workout more enjoyable.

4. Boosts mood

A 2011 study published in Nature Neuroscience found that classical music can trigger the brain to release dopamine, which improves mood and can make you feel happier.

5. Soothes

If you have had a stressful day and want to calm down, try listening to mellow music. A study conducted in 2013 and published in Ergonomics found that listening to mellow music could effectively reduce road rage. 


I’ve always wondered as to why, at any given date and moment, I was listening to the music I was listening to. After doing my research, I conducted my own study as to when I listened to music and what I was feeling, along with the genre.

In the morning: I was listening to indie music (no surprise). Indie music, most of which I listen to from California-based bands, gets me into the feeling that summer brings. With my friends, cruising down the shore back at home, and hitting the beach. I felt as if I was listening this music because it takes me away from the reality of my early classes. Every morning that passed by, means that I’m one morning closer to being back in Seaside for work, and the beach with friends.

In the afternoon: I tended to listen to a lot of rap and music with heavy beats and fast lyrics. I get most of my classes done (except for a Wednesday night class) by 4:30 P.M, and I love to workout, so this music got me ready for my workouts. I usually will play this really loud in my headphones, so that I really get taken away and get the right mindset for my workout.

In the evening: Pop, and whatever is going around on the charts. At night, all of my roommates are at the apartment, along with a friend or two. So we will all hangout in the living room and get dinner and play xbox or watch tv. There’s never a moment where music isn’t playing. I feel like this music brings a lot of people together, or at least does that to us. I get a great vibe and always feel “at home,” even though I’m 100 miles away from the homeland.

All in all, I loved this topic, and the science behind why we listen to music. This blog has taught me a lot not only about music and society, but about myself as well. I really found what I love to do as a hobby, and that’s listening to music. With the research and study I did, I also found why I listen to what I do, and what moods coincide with my choice of genre.


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