Bad Suns new album “Disappear Here” takes sophomore slump out of discussion

After tagging along with pop-singer/songwriter Halsey, Bad Suns broke news of their second studio album titled “Disappear Here.” They released a title-named song, and immediately showed the road they are taking, and the identity they want to behold.

Before releasing this new album, Bad Suns were taking the industry bit by bit. Their song “Cardiac Arrest” gaining a huge draw from people around the world, and was even preformed on “Conan.” But, in an interview with Billboard, the group were about to call it quits, and start over entirely with a new identity.

Their debut album, “Language & Perspective,” featured the hit song. The record goes through the band’s struggle of trying to make a impact in the music industry. It’s music at its purest form.

With “Cardiac Arrest,” it was more of a last lick of trying to get out there. In that interview, Christo Brown, the frontman of the group, said: “We put [‘Cardiac Arrest’] online saying, ‘This is what we’ve been working on for so long, hope you guys like it at least,'” he says. “We were expecting to put [Bad Suns] to rest after releasing the song, just to show what we were doing and then start a new project.”

The exact opposite happened. Labels and those in the industry took notice, which led to their success and the new album “Disappear Here.” Alternative Press wrote a review touching on the album and the band’s success in creating a name for themselves. “The track (Disappear Here) opens the record with a reassuring blend of post-punk melodies and ’80s new wave guitar work, all masterfully crafted through a modern pop lens.” This is what the band has created. It’s such a refreshing mix of different genres all in one.

“Disappear Here, the newest album by California alt-rock band Bad Suns, sounds like it was created for sunset drives down winding roads. The follow-up to 2014’s Language and Perspective, it takes the listener on a journey through a myriad of sonic landscapes, making stops along the way to marvel at both the beauty and the harsh truth of the universe. Some of its tracks are wistful laments of good times gone wrong; others are upbeat celebrations of life. All thirteen of them shine with insight, honesty and enough rock-and-roll confidence to convince listeners that Bad Suns is a band to be watched.” –

After such a successful first impact with appearances on “Conan,” touring with Halsey, and even The 1975, Bad Suns are now on watch. I recently started listening to them on Spotify, and I can’t get enough. They are exactly what you want in an indie/ alt. rock band, or really just music in general. They generate so much energy throughout their music, that it spreads into listener’s ears as some really great stuff. If you love the feeling you get while cruising through the beach or town with your windows down, Bad Suns give you just that with their music.


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